• Celeb Style
    Mum ‘had to dump breast milk’ at airport

    A US mother-of-two has spoken of her frustration that she was forced to dump 500oz (14.8 litres) of breast milk at security at London’s Heathrow Airport. In an open letter posted on Facebook, Jessica Coakley Martinez, who was travelling without her eight-month-old son, said she felt “humiliated”. “You made me dump out nearly two weeks […]

  • Beauty
    The Best Victoria Beckham Beauty Moments

    Victoria Beckham looked sleep with lots of eyeliner and a teased updo at the British Fashion Awards 2011.Beckham embraced the volume at the press launch of ‘Viva Forever’, the musical based on the music of The Spice Girls, at the St Pancras Renaissance Hotel on June 26, 2012 in London, England.Victoria Beckham let pieces loose […]

  • Beauty
    Remembering Prince’s Revolutionary Style

    Prince, who died Thursday at the age of 57, leaves behind a legacy not only in music but in the fashion world as well. From his earliest moments in the public eye in the ’70s, the artist served as a beacon of fearless and unwavering personal style. Here, his most iconic moments.  

  • Beauty
    The Ultimate Guide to Organizing Your Beauty Products

    Ugh, spring cleaning. That about sums up our sentiment toward a seasonally specific mandate to go through all the stuff that’s been collecting dust since the last time you swore you’d get rid of it (a.k.a. January 1). And when you’re a beauty editor, all that stuff quadruples: Night creams magically find a home in […]

  • Fashion
    5 Tricks To Walking In Heels Gracefully

    Women all over the world want the secret to walking perfectly in heels (seriously—it was the most Googled question of 2015!). We’ve all seen girls (and maybe also felt like we were that girl) clomping along in heels, and know that there’s nothing that takes away from a killer outfit more. But fear not, we’ve […]

  • Style
    The Best Met Gala Looks From Beyoncé to Victoria Beckham

    Beyoncé in Givenchy. Rihanna in Guo Pei. Kim Kardashian West in Roberto Cavalli. These are just a sampling of the wow-factor ensembles that guests—and the world—were treated to at last year’s Met Gala. But every year comes a new theme or exhibition and with it the opportunity to take the crown as the evening’s most […]

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    Victoria Beckham Is Launching a Makeup Collection with Estée Lauder

    Victoria Beckham wants to spice up your regular beauty routine. The star is bringing her refined, modern eye seen in her wildly successful fashion, handbag, and accessories line to the beauty world. Beckham has just announced that she’s teaming up with beauty mega-brand, Estée Lauder, to launch a limited-edition makeup collection that will hit select […]