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    7 Gift Ideas for Your Kids That Won’t Cost You a Dime

    I was enjoying getting lost in the large store, books piled high on every shelf. It seemed it didn’t have an end as I navigated my way through the vast categories of books. As I sat perusing my fingers through some pages, I felt someone staring at me. I peered over the top of the […]

  • Celeb Style
    This Is What Cara Delevingne Is Doing on Christmas Night

    Let’s be honest for a second here, if there’s anyone in Hollywood who knows how to ring in the holiday season with a fun sense of style, it’s Cara Delevingne. The model is so festive, she even hosted her own big seasonal bash with the help of Burberry on Dec. 2. And now, in an […]

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    red wines
    This is why you should just order the wine you like when dining out

    Picking out wine at a restaurant can be an intimidating experience. After all, you want to make sure you select something you’ll like, and that can be tough if you’ve never tried the options on the menu. And while sommeliers or servers can help, they often make recommendations based on what they enjoy or the […]

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    This is the secret to having a happy marriage

    Psychology researchers found that most people tend to agree on what makes them feel loved — and it’s not showy gestures like bunches of flowers. Instead, Penn State researchers found that small gestures, such as showing compassion, top the list of what most people say makes them feel loved. Controlling behavior — such as wanting […]

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    Fired businessman leaving office
    6 Things You Should Never Do After Getting Fired

    Getting fired can be a very emotional experience, especially if you weren’t expecting it. After the shock has worn off, you’ll likely feel angry and have an urge to colorfully express that anger toward your boss and co-workers. Instead of switching to revenge mode, try your best to stay cool and get through your last […]

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    Don’t be like Nina Dobrev and take your Halloween makeup off

    Nina Dobrev just committed beauty’s biggest skin sin: Sleeping in your makeup. The actress took to Instagram stories to walk her more than 13 million followers through her Halloween makeup saga. She dressed up as a Mexican sugar skull, complete with a flower crown and a full black and white face paint. Her look had […]

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    Tomi Lahren, Halloween costume, the flag, Donald Trump Jr., Keith Olbermann
    Critics Say Tomi Lahren’s Halloween Costume Violates Flag Law

    A post shared by Tomi Lahren (@tomilahren) on Oct 28, 2017 at 7:15pm PDT Old Glory just generated a new controversy for Fox News’ Tomi Lahren. Well into Monday, social media users accused the conservative commentator of breaking federal law with her patriotic Halloween costume. Some said the superhero getup’s American-flag wings violate U.S. Code that prohibits […]

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    6 Common Dandruff Myths

    If you struggle with dandruff, you should be aware of the misconceptions that lead to frustrating results. From using oil treatments, to scratching your scalp to remove flakes, here are six common dandruff myths you shouldn’t believe — and what you should know instead.