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    Postpartum depression, Yahoo Lifestyle, depression, risk factors
    Postpartum depression may be influenced by when you give birth

    Postpartum depression affects an estimated one in nine women. And while there are some known risk factors for developing the mental health condition, such as a previous history of depression and high levels of stress, researchers are still learning about why some women develop postpartum depression while others don’t. Now, scientists have found a few more […]

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    Women like men’s hands, and this viral Twitter thread is proof

    Women across the Twitterverse are drooling over a male body part that is not what you might expect. In a viral Twitter thread called “For females that like hands,” men are posting photos of their hands, giving women something “safe for work” to admire and appreciate. For females that like hands. pic.twitter.com/SrMNzlSc08 — DEE (@Deecarr_) September […]

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    John Legend, Chrissy Teigen
    Luna Legend, age 18 months, is better at walking in heels than we are

    It’s obviously no surprise that baby Luna Legend is already much more glamorous than we ever will be. Luna just schooled us on how to walk in heels, because she’s a natural. Chrissy Teigen’s mini-me is always in the news and brings so much joy to all of us. Between her cute mocking of dad […]

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    This Is How the Sun Causes Skin Cancer, According to Science

    By Macaela Mackenzie. Photo by: Getty Images. Science tells us that sun exposure could lead to skin cancer. But exactly how basking in the sun’s rays can lead to scary skin cancers, like melanoma, hasn’t totally been understood — until now. Scientists at Cornell University just discovered exactly how UV rays trigger the formation of […]

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    Why Not Everyone Should “No-Poo”

    Over the past few years, the “no-poo” method of hair care has amassed lots of believers. The idea is to discontinue (or greatly cut back on) the use of commercial shampoos, and instead use a variety of gentler alternatives, like conditioners, apple cider vinegar rinses, or even plain water to cleanse the hair. The internet […]

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    Eat these 8 foods to fight your crappy cold

    Cold season is upon us, and if you’re like most of us, each time you recover from a mucus-filled episode, somebody sneezes at work and another one begins. You’re probably starting to wonder how it’s possible there’s no cure for the common cold — we’re with you — but for now, food is our best […]

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    hurt feelings
    How you deal with conflict based on your Myers-Briggs personality type

    Conflicts often escalate when one person can’t see the other’s side — and if you’ve ever stopped to take note, you’ll see that everyone has their own MO in an argument. Some withhold; others get passionate and insistent. Some are direct; others beat around the bush. Knowing how the people around you typically deal with […]

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    blood pressure, heart health, hypertension
    The Unexpected Warning Signs of High Blood Pressure

    You’re probably familiar with having your blood pressure checked at the doctor’s office. That Velcro armband tightens around your bicep and you pray that the number isn’t too high. But did you know you can also tell if your blood pressure is high without setting foot in a doctor’s office? Some unexpected symptoms signal blood […]

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    This 1 Astonishing Workout Tip Will Guarantee You Lose Weight

    There is, unfortunately, no single weight loss plan that works for everyone. But it is universally recognized that everyone looking to drop a couple pounds needs to incorporate some type of exercise into their regimen. And, believe it or not, there is one workout tip that can help anyone reach their weight loss goals. Surprisingly, this simple […]