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    This 6-Foot-5-Inch Teddy Bear Is All Legs And It’s Freaking People Out

    Giant teddy bears are usually super cute and cuddly, but there’s something a little off about this overstuffed toy ― its extraordinarily long legs. People are creeped out by a 6-foot-5-inch teddy bear, made by a company called JoyFay. The bear looks basically proportional in most of the photos provided by JoyFay on its website and Amazon […]

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    Everything I Learned From Dressing Like a Kardashian for a Week

    Perhaps, without noticing, you’ve double-tapped a Fashion Nova look during the hours you’ve spent mindlessly scrolling through Instagram. Take a moment to remember the last time you saw an Insta-pal (whether a celebrity or a social-media influencer or a friend) pictured in absurdly high-waisted jeans with pre-made holes large enough to squeeze a cantaloupe through. […]

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    How to host a fun and stress-free Friendsgiving

    Whether you’re avoiding the third degree from family members at the dinner table or you’re just not up for the hassle of flying home during the hectic holidays, Friendsgiving — when you gather for Thanksgiving with friends instead of family — can be your saving grace. It’s also just a great excuse to hang out […]

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    Millions of college students are so terrified of loans they’re turning to ‘Sugar Daddies’ for help paying for school

    A growing number of students are turning to dating sites to find Sugar Daddies and Mommas for help with college costs. Christina, a 29-year-old Sugar Baby and MBA student living in Las Vegas, talked to Business Insider about her experience. She’s received over $90,000 for education-related costs, but says the stigma is the hardest part […]

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    stretch marks, Misguided
    This clothing brand will no longer photoshop stretch marks, and praise be

    In the last year major fashion brands have jumped on the anti-photoshop movement. It started with Aerie’s refusal to retouch the models in their campaigns and gained steam when ASOS left stretch marks on their bikini models this summer. Now your fave online retailer Misguided has followed suit after fans of the brand noticed that […]

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    Rose McGowan, Harvey Weinstein
    Emma Stone Always Does These 5 Things & No One Has Noticed

    Emma Stone is that rare breed of celeb who manages to toe the line between aspirational role model and BFF. She’s the kind of girl you might go to for career advice (seeing as she’s the highest paid actress in the world) and validation on a new haircut. Sadly, the chance of tapping Stone for […]