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    Fidget Spinner Lip Balm Is Officially Coming to Sephora

    From ELLE In case you missed its viral moment in June, fidget spinner lip balm is A Thing. After racking up more than five million launch video streams, the product (called Glamspin) is officially coming to Sephora this August. The spinner is a collaboration between Buzzfeed Product Labs and trend-driven, quick-to-market cosmetics manufacturer Taste Beauty. […]

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    Why This Social Media Star Stopped Posting Bikini Pics

    Social media star and certified personal trainer Sophie Gray keeps it real. So when the 22-year-old Edmonton, Canada, native stumbled across a reshared Instagramphoto of herself wearing a sports bra and showing off her toned abs with the caption, “Nothing tastes as good as being fit feels,” she decided to speak up. “Actually from experience […]

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    Instagram Star Has Apologized for ‘Blackface’ Photos

    Instagram model Jaiden Gumbayan recently came under harsh criticism for posting photos that many called cultural appropriation and “blackface.” She has since apologized, sharing on her page a long, heartfelt apology that has gained more than 4,000 likes and 750 comments. Gumbayan’s apology comes on the heels of her sharing photos in which she posed, extremely tanned, while […]

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    7 Ways to Maintain a Healthy Hairline and Fix Thinning Edges

    As women and men age, hair loss, specifically around the hairline, is an issue that can be alarming. In many instances, thinning edges can be reversed, but there are other cases where the matter needs closer attention. If something as serious astraction alopecia (hair loss due to strands constantly being pulled in the same direction or […]

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    sun damage
    Sunburn Treatment Just Got a Lot Easier Thanks to Science

    Sunburn treatment can be a real bitch. Obviously you know you’re not supposed to actually get a sunburn in the first place, but let’s face it: sometimes yoursunscreen routine falls off its game. When that happens, not only do you increase your risk of skin cancer, you’re also left to deal with painful, red, swollen […]

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    sheet mask
    Using a Sheet Mask Every Day Is Actually Good for Your Skin

    A couple weeks ago, I took the Path train over to New Jersey to attend the festivities at KCON NY. Between watching teens dancing to BTS‘s “Dope” and sipping on refreshing Korean drinks, I listened to Christine Chang of K-beauty e-retailer Glow Recipe speak. During her panel, she mentioned how some people in Korea do […]

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    Man Claims Discrimination For Wearing Makeup at Work

    A few of the usual reasons for being reprimanded at work include showing up late everyday, repeatedly dropping the ball on assignments, or violating a dress code. But for one man in Portsmouth, England, a full face of makeup allegedly landed him in hot water with his manager, and he isn’t at all happy about it. In fact, […]

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    Athleta Vows ‘Meaningful’ Change After Being Called Out For Showing Plus Clothes On Straight-Size Models

     A sampling of Athleta’s plus-size section.  (Athleta) Slowly but surely, brands, magazines and models are working to squash the misconception that fitness stops above a certain size. Plus-size model Iskra Lawrence starred on Self magazine’s last ever print cover. Women’s Running has made a habit of including women of all shapes and sizes on its covers […]

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    Hair Plopping Is the Easiest Way to Dry Your Curly Hair

    Curly folks, listen up: The search is over. The secret to obtaining the frizz-free curls of your dreams is to, simply put, lose the hot tools. Forget blow-drying. Don’t even think about pulling out the diffuser. The easiest (and fuss-free) way to dry your coils — without attracting added static — is to plop. Silly […]

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    5 New Foundations That Truly Wear Like a Second Skin

    The road to finding the best foundation for your skin tone can be exciting yet a bit grueling. It’s amazing when you find the perfect match, because unlike lipsticks or eyeshadows, you’re more than likely to stick with the same shade all season long. On the other hand, tracking down a flawless foundation can also be […]