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    Black girls proudly rock their natural hair in Renaissance-themed photo series

    Natural hair is having a long overdue moment — from celebrities rocking their kinky, coily hairstyles on the red carpet to famous moms like Viola Davis encouraging their children to love the hair texture they were born with — and for good reason. A study published in February titled “The Good Hair Studied” surveyed 4,000 […]

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    Whiskey-Scented Deodorant Exists, and It Might Just Cure Stinky Pits

    As a sweaty lady, I often commiserate with other musky women on how the heck to make our pits smell less. A common cliche in such circles is the complaint of having “tried everything” to minimal results. But maybe you haven’t tried it all. For instance, have you ever rubbed whiskey on your pits? One […]

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    An illustrator draws Wonder Woman with body hair and people are really upset

    An artist’s rendering of Wonder Woman with body hair has sparked a debate about what it means to be feminine. Raikchak Ha Reang is a graphic designer in Vellore, India, whose fascination with superheroes inspires his work. His latest pieces, illustrations of Wonder Woman with leg, arm, and armpit hair, have become the subject of a fiery […]

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    Founder of black-owned beauty brand shares sweet story behind her products

    Beauty Bakerie is a black-owned cosmetics brand that just gained a lot of traction, very quickly, thanks to a viral tweet from founder Cashmere Nicole. On Wednesday, Nicole tweeted a photo of her and her daughter, sharing the difficulty in finding makeup to match her dark complexion. “This is me with my daughter, Jasmyn. Different […]

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    All types of sexual harassment can be psychologically harmful, says study

    Sexual harassment has dominated headlines recently after allegations were brought against Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, and other powerful men in the entertainment and media industries. The latest example: Influential art critic Benjamin Genocchio has been ousted from his role as director of the international Armory Show for sexual harassment after five women spoke to the […]

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    Rose McGowan, Harvey Weinstein
    Emma Stone Always Does These 5 Things & No One Has Noticed

    Emma Stone is that rare breed of celeb who manages to toe the line between aspirational role model and BFF. She’s the kind of girl you might go to for career advice (seeing as she’s the highest paid actress in the world) and validation on a new haircut. Sadly, the chance of tapping Stone for […]