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    James Charles, Stained-glass, face
    Stained-glass makeup is the mesmerizing beauty trend you need to see

    In the midst of many bizarre beauty looks such as squiggly eyebrows and wavy lips comes along a new mesmerizing style: stained-glass makeup. Swoon! Shown off by popular beauty vloggers such as James Charles, stained-glass makeup is a vibrant splash of colors strategically pieced together for a makeup masterpiece. The artsy pattern can be worn on […]

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    These Mermaid-Loving Sisters Took Their Obsession To Adorable Heights

    A pair of sisters got transformed into mermaids for a magical photo shoot. Sophia and Haidyn Grulkey are 5 and 4 years old, respectively, and are obsessed with mermaids. So when their mom, Bri, came across a picture of women dressed as mermaids, she reached out to a friend, photographer Lyndsey Wright of Lyndsey’s Photo Co., to arrange […]

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    Wearing a bra as a shirt is a super hot trend all the Victoria’s Secret models love

    Even the prettiest and most expensive bras rarely see the light of day. But thanks to the latest sheer trend, undergarments are getting their time in the sun — quite literally. And, as model Sara Sampaio puts it, “Bras are so pretty nowadays that it’s a shame to keep them hidden.” View photos The Victoria’s Secret […]

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    Score New Mascara, Lip Oil, and Cleanser for $15 and Under

    Sephora’s Weekly Wow Deal continues to deliver stuff you actually need. There is finally another reason to love Thursday aside from its proximity to Friday — and you can thank Sephora for that. The beauty megastore just introduced Weekly Wow: an exclusive week-long sale announced every Thursday. After the first few, we’ve come to expect […]

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    The Best Of The Basics: The Buys That Defy Seasons

    We don’t follow trends because we have to — we follow trends because we like to. There’s always something exciting about seeing what new colors, patterns, and silhouettes start to pop up season to season, from the runway to our favorite brand-name stores. But at the end of the day, it’s the basic pieces in […]

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    Woman’s Eyelash Extensions Cause Real Lashes to Become Infected, Fall Out

    Eyelash extensions can save you a ton of time if you’re looking for an alternative to mascaraor false lashes. However, they’re definitely not foolproof, as one lash extension devotee learned when she stopped by an Australian salon for a touch-up. The Daily Mail reports that the unnamed woman stopped by a store called Emmaculate Beauty […]

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    People have mixed feelings about Rihanna’s new line of 40 foundation shades

    Getting foundation shades to match every skin tone is an ongoing struggle that many brands face. While some companies have made strides by extending their existing lines, there are newer brands coming out with a wide range of shades. Take Rihanna’s newly launched Fenty Beauty, for example: The line includes a whopping 40 shades. Thursday evening, Rihanna […]

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    ‘Braided’ eyebrows are the latest absurd beauty trend that truly anyone can try

    It’s been just about a week since the Great Squiggle Brow Phase of 2017, but somehow there’s already a new eyebrow trend taking over Instagram. “Braided” eyebrows have officially trumped the squiggle brow. The catch? They’re Photoshopped. SEE ALSO: Thanks to ‘squiggle brows,’ your eyebrows can finally look like tiny snakes “What the f*#%k are […]

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    What This Week’s Horoscope Means for You

    This week’s energies support holistic healing for the mind, body, and spirit. If your modus operandi already includes a badass exercise, diet, and meditation routine, get ready to make massive breakthroughs in your practices. And if you could benefit from a little push in the right direction, the planetary activity this week will provide some […]