• Nail Polish Colors That Make Your Hands Look Older Than They Are

    With hands being one of the first places to show signs of aging, choosing a nail polish color can mean the difference between youthful mitts and “old lady hands.” Between dark spots, wrinkles, and those pesky blue veins that become more prominent with age, certain colors can both draw attention and distract from visible signs […]

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    Denim Thongs Have Arrived, and the Internet Can’t Handle It

    It’s almost festival season, and you know what that means: Your Instagram feed will soon be filled with photos of people frolicking in the sunshine in jean shorts, flower crowns, culturally appropriated accessories (unfortunately), and, of course, denim thongs. Yep, you read that right. As Cosmopolitan recently discovered, British online retailer PrettyLittleThing recently started selling […]

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    Why this healthy and popular 21-year-old vlogger decided to shave her hair off

    Some say hair is one of our best accessories, and vlogger Vanessa Martinez can relate. Martinez, who has more than 2 million followers on YouTube, is constantly switching up her look, adding long and short hair extensions to her natural hair. But the 21-year-old began to suffer serious consequences and noticed her real hair beginning to […]

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    123,670 Embellishments and Nearly 1,000 Hours of Work: The Jaw-Dropping Details of Chanel’s Iridescent Couture Gown

    View photos This shimmering Chanel couture look has a whopping 123,670 embellishments—and that doesn’t even include the boots. Here, the house shares exclusive details and images of how the dress was made. Chanel couture gallery View photos Photo: Courtesy of Chanel View photos Photo: Courtesy of Chanel Pretty is the word that comes to mind when […]

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    The Perfect Tattoos For People Who Hate Tattoos

    Small and delicate tattoos are all the rage right now, and they’re especially perfect for anyone looking to get some ink without getting too much attention. Their hidden placement — often behind the ear, or on the finger — can lend an edgy sense of mystery to them, even more so when they’re done in […]

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    These frozen eyelashes aren’t makeup — they’re just actually frozen

    Places all over the world are getting hit with some of the harshest winter weather. But nobody’s turning it into a trend quite like some Russian women who have been posting remarkable selfies. Although Oymyakon, Russia, has long been known as the world’s coldest permanently inhabited village, Instagram is helping the people living there show […]

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    TV Stars Swear by This Off-the-Radar Cleanser for Taking Off the Toughest Makeup

    A good cleanser that successfully washes the day away is good; a good cleanser that some of the hottest TV stars swear by for removing that notoriously heavy on-camera makeup after hours of filming is decidedly even better. According to E!, there’s one skin care standby that Angie Wells and Patty Bunch, makeup department heads for Black-ish and Will […]

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    The health risks everyone should know before going to the nail salon

    If you’re a frequent nail salon customer, you may be picking up more than just a manicure. A new study finds that people who are regulars at hair and nail salons acquire more skin rashes and nail fungus than those who visit less often. For the study, which was published in the Journal of Chemical […]