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    Emma Watson Asked The Internet To Help Find Her Beloved Rings

    Emma Watson needs our help. The actress is offering a reward for the safe return of three pieces of precious jewelry. On Sunday, Watson placed three rings in a locker at the Mandarin Oriental Spa in London. Unfortunately, she left without her jewelry and when she finally realized she didn’t have them, she called the […]

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    Kylie, Kendall, and Bella Are on an Epic London Romp

    These three ladies work hard, and they go hard, too! Sisters Kendall and Kylie Jenner and model Bella Hadid are together this weekend in London, and naturally, they’ve been turning heads everywhere they go. On Friday, Kendall and Bella donned matching outfits, complete with crop tops and rainbow-colored cowboy hats (pictured above), to attend London’s […]

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    Kristin Cavallari Gets Called Out for ‘Body Shaming’ Herself

    Kristin Cavallari took to Instagram on Wednesday to show off a pair of shoes from her collection with Nordstrom. The photo featured her new Lash Split Shaft Booties, which was meant to be the focus of the shot, but when she made a witty comment about her “crazy arm,” it unfortunately drew all of the attention away. […]

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    Emily Ratajkowski says her chest size has prevented her from getting roles

    Emily Ratajkowski continually inspires us with her efforts to embrace her sexuality andmaintain a strong, feminist voice. It’s 2017, so it’s time about dang time we as a society learned that women can be smart, capable, and sexy. Right? Well, despite Emily’s attempts to start tipping the scale in the other direction, Ratajkowski says her […]

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    Chrissy Teigen has nearly blonde Rapunzel-inspired hair now

    Supermodel and social media maven Chrissy Teigen has debuted a hot new hairstyle that we are absolutely in love with. Teigen shared a post on her Twitter account showing off a new (and entirely unexpected) summer look: long, lustrous blonde hair. It’s a far cry from her signature dark brown locks that we’ve all come […]

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    Of Course Lea Michele Is a Sexy Hula Dancer

    Lea Michele has been enjoying a beach vacation with her girls in Maui, Hawaii this week, sharing one sexy bikini shot after another to her Instagram account, and her latest post is no different. On Thursday, she shared a sexy Boomerang of herself and a friend trying their hand at hula dancing, and of course, […]

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    Reese Witherspoon’s Sons Look So Cute on the Last Day of School

    School’s out for summer, and Reese Witherspoon is just as psyched as you are. Earlier today, the mom of three posted the cutest snap of her boys as they celebrated her youngest’s last day of school. Deacon, 13, and Tennessee, 4, were all smiles in Tennessee’s pre-school classroom. And, even sweeter than the boys’ smiles […]