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    12 Stunning Spring Trends For Sizes 14+

    Chances are, you’ve got a worn-out button-up hanging in your closet, gathering dust and not compliments. This season is the perfect opportunity to toss that stale shirt into your donation bin and invest in a new take. With unique cut-outs, frayed hems, and layered looks trending this spring, the more unexpected, the better. Don’t get […]

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    See 8 Fashion Designers in Their Signature Uniforms

    As the maker of the wrap dress, von Furstenberg knows a thing or two about women’s bodies. She, herself, prefers a printed tunic dress, which she calls a “petite valise.” “I wanted something that was easy, that I could wear anywhere, and, you know, it is easy to pack,” she told us. “It doesn’t wrinkle, […]

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    10 Common Bra Problems, Solved

    A bra can be your best friend or your worst enemy; ultimately, it all comes down to the fit. Wearing the correct size is crucial to forming a symbiotic relationship with your closest supporters, according to the lingerie experts at Aerie, DKNY, ThirdLove, and Triumph. As obvious as this may seem, many of the common […]

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    Study Up: The Cool-Girl Hair Color Trends of Summer 2016

    A platinum dye job that skews *slightly* silver for a more rock ‘n’ roll vibe, it’s not easy to pull off and typically suits olive complexions best. We like how J-Law has warmed things up with hints of gold around the face. If you want to buck the norm completely, go for a matte, jet-black […]

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    Master The Maxi: 12 Stunning Ways To Style A Long Dress

    “Layering is my thing! This linen lilac sweater was the perfect way to make a formal dress feel casual.” “Prints instantly add personality. I know many women shy away from them, but I think they’re just as versatile as solids if you change up your accessories.” “This pattern embodies warm weather and vacation, and that’s […]

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    10 New Women-Led Fashion Brands You Should Start Shopping Now

    First, what a great name. (Designer Jillian Shatken was going to save it for her daughter, fun fact, but the collection came first.) Second, what great clothes: easy, breezy, but still chic in a Tibi sort of way. Can we be friends, Sylvie Millstein? She makes the big-sleeved, off-the-shoulder-y, neck-tied looks of your 2015-to-end-date-indefinite dreams. […]

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    5 Things That Are Making You Look More Tired

    Jewelry = a Lumee but more portable. Shiny stuff dangling or hanging close to your face draws light to your features, so if you’re feeling a bit haggard, pop a Berocca and put on your biggest diamond earrings. (CZ will do just fine.) Unless you wear them every day, people *will* assume that you are […]

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    This Is What You Should Be Wearing When You Fly

    There’s something to be said about the woman who still dresses to the nines at the airport. She’s elegant, she’s evolved, and she respects the glamour of travel — but doesn’t she also limp the entire half-mile trek to the end of the terminal? We understand that there’s no reason to wear your Sunday hangover […]

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    Ivanka Trump-branded scarves under fire for recall

    While Donald Trump turns up the heat on companies that have moved their manufacturing outside the country, his own daughter’s scarf collection is under fire for being recalled over a “burn risk.” The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission recalled about 20,000 of Ivanka Trump-branded scarves because they failed to meet fire safety standards required for clothing […]