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    Why communities along the L.A. River, considered ‘the original source of life,’ are threatened amid the coronavirus pandemic

    The Los Angeles River is heaven to locals who kayak, bicycle and horseback ride along its 51-mile stretch. According to the city of Los Angeles, the famously comma-shaped body of water is “the original source of life,” once occupied by Tongva and Spanish settlers and now diverse communities. The river has even stood as background scenery in […]

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    I Got Fired For Being A Mom––Adjusting To My ‘New Normal’ Has Been Rough

    The last couple months have been one of the most emotional rollercoasters of my life. I went from having a promising career and working harder than I ever have, to maneuvering through the new normal of working from home with two toddlers during a global pandemic, to getting fired because my kids were “too loud” during work calls — leaving me […]

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    USDA Releases New Dietary Guidelines for the Next Five Years

    From our workout routines to our diets, being quarantined at home during the coronavirus pandemic has certainly impacted our overall mental and physical health. If you’re hoping to get your health back on track, consider the new dietary guidelines released by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (USDA). A committee made up of dozens of leading national nutritionists and scientists studied Americans’ […]

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    How to Grow Out, Trim Up, and Shape Your Brows

    Restoring botched brows can be a major pain in the arch. (Hyuck, hyuck.) So we asked top groomers how to reshape eyebrows and get the fullest, shapeliest, best results — minus all the growing pains. Said “best results” means different things to different people. Some of us love the bushiest brows possible, while others want a lean, super-clean shape […]

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    Proof That Braids Are the Ultimate Summer Hairstyle

    Are you fed up with heat-styling your hair all the time? Tired of hair looks that don’t last the whole day?! Do I have the solution for you, my friends. Braided hairstyles are practical, long-lasting, perfect for summer (or any time of the year, really), heat-free, and they look incredible, which understandably, makes them a classic go-to […]

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    5 Types of Hair Damage and What to Do About Each

    Even if you take lots of precautions — like breaks from heat-styling, using hair masksregularly, and extending time between color appointments — at a certain point, your hair may still show signs of damage from daily wear and tear. Some of the most unlikely hair damage culprits (think: ponytails and stressful life events) can take a serious toll. […]

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    How to visit a reopened hair salon: 6 mistakes to avoid

    After months of making do with quarantine haircuts, many of us are looking forward to a refreshing trim or root touch-up. Salons across the country are finally reopening, but returning to indoor venues can feel a bit nerve wracking if you’re not sure what to expect. TODAY Style consulted several hair experts to find out everything you need to […]