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    Mom issues warning after daughter suffocates under stuffed animals

    A mother from Scotland is issuing a warning to parents after her daughter died while the rest of her family was sleeping. While Dexy Leigh Walsh and her family slept, her 18-month-old daughter Connie Rose suffocated to death under a stuffed toy animal. “I woke up to get my oldest ready for school to find […]

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    How Balmain Designed Beyoncé’s Legendary Coachella Costumes

    Beyoncé’s Coachella headlining set is already the stuff of legends, but her magnificent costumes deserve a second look, because they’re stunning and layered with meaning. It’s as though her costumes were an extension of her body, just as dazzling and free as her curly hair that blew beautifully in the wind. Beyoncé is known for […]

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    2018 ACM Awards: Nicole Kidman is glowing in gold next to Keith Urban

    Nicole Kidman is absolutely glowing in gold at the 2018 Academy of Country Music Awards! The Aussie proudly stood by beau Keith Urban’s side, looking lovely as ever in a shimmering, butter-colored gown. She’s always a knockout, but — wow! The dramatic totally-exposed back is one of her sexiest looks to date. Keith couldn’t take […]

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    Good Hair Day: How Braiding Your Hair Before Bed Can Get You Your Healthiest Hair Yet

    Remembering to remove your makeup before bed is one thing, but caring for your hair at night is something completely different. While it may seem time-consuming and unnecessary, paying close attention to your hair before hitting the hay can mean the difference between dry, brittle strands, and luscious, healthy-looking hair. One of our favorite ways to care […]

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    This Real Couple Dishes On What It Was Like To Buy A Home Together

    One of the biggest milestones for couples is designing their first home, but it can also be a major relationship pressure point. We partnered with Homepolish—an NYC-based home-design company that provides design services by the hour—to get some of their married clients’ takes on how they decorated their first home together…without killing each other. Six […]

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    Bella Hadid strips down to vintage lingerie in Tokyo

    Taco ’bout a tasty offer: a month traveling the country giving away free tacos and eating a few yourself. That’s the job description for this sweet job title, Chief Taco Officer at Moe’s Southwest Grill. All those hungry Chief Technology Officers can move aside, this is for true taco lovers of the Atlanta-based taco chain. […]

  • Meet Maude, the Women-Run Sex Line Promising Good Vibes for All

    What’s the best way to start off the day? With the wellness movement in overdrive, the rituals for new-and-improved living are plenty: hot water with lemon as a digestive wake-up; whole-body dry brushing to boost microcirculation; meditation for a clear mind. But what about a morning romp? Maude—a new collection of pared-down essentials, including condoms, […]

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    You’re Not An Idiot For Speaking To Your Dog In A Baby Voice, Study Suggests

    Don’t let your friends and family mock you for using a baby voice when you talk to your dog. A new study suggests that using high-pitched “dog speak” to communicate with a dog improves its attention and may help humans socially bond with their pets. Researchers at York University in the U.K. wanted to test whether using “dog-directed,” […]

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    The 15 Best (and Worst) Starbucks Breakfast Foods You Can Order

    Starbucks is best known for their coffee, but their selection of bakery and breakfast options continues to grow. Their focus is still convenience, though. There are tons of options that seem like they would make for a healthy meal, but aren’t actually good for you at all. But that doesn’t mean you can’t order breakfast from […]