• Health
    Drinking Alcohol Could Improve Your Memory

    Of all the wonderful things alcohol does for us, one thing we’ve never exactly given it credit for is helping our memory. Ever had a night where you’ve had just one or two too many? Exactly. But according to a new study, drinking alcohol could actually improve your memory. Published in the journal Scientific Reports, […]

  • Health
    Moms Share Catty Remarks They’ve Heard From Strangers While Breastfeeding in Powerful Photo Shoot

    A group of mothers are taking the worst things people have said to them while they were breastfeeding and turning the disparaging comments into something beautiful with a photo shoot. In an effort to break the social stigmas surrounding breastfeeding, professional photographer Nicki Kaylor asked nine women to pose with their children and simultaneously hold up […]

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    7 Puppies That Are Having A Better Spa Day Than You
    7 Puppies That Are Having A Better Spa Day Than You

    After a particularly grueling week at work, there’s nothing better than getting some R&R at the spa. But if you don’t have time to treat yourself to a massage or mani-pedion the reg, welcome to the club. (And if you do, please spill your secrets STAT.) That’s why it’s particularly relaxing to see puppies drool […]

  • Beauty
    FN Exclusive: Jennifer Lopez on Her Latest Collection With Giuseppe Zanotti

    After their successful debut collaboration for spring, Jennifer Lopez has teamed up with Giuseppe Zanotti for a second time. “Jennifer is an icon and has an innate sense of style. My shoes are made for strong women who want to feel fabulous, and Jennifer is the epitome of that,” Zanotti said, adding that the singer […]

  • Fashion
    The Luxury Brands Shoppers Want Most Right Now

    Gucci has a 10 percent better sell-through rate than Céline on The Real Real. Luxury brands might not be so transparent when it comes to what is actually selling, but thanks to all the data coming out of the ever-burgeoning online resale market, shoppers today are able to learn what’s hot and what’s not. Today, […]

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    Stephanie Seymour, 49, Plays Peekaboo With a Blanket in Sexy Photo Shoot

    Stephanie Seymour has people scratching their heads once again. This time, instead of pondering the supermodel’s controversial opinions, many are questioning whether the 49-year-old stunner ages at all. Seymour was just one of many women to strip down for Love magazine. In a black and white shot taken by famed photographer Patrick Demarchelier, she’s seen holding her […]

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    Bride Demands Friends Bid for a Spot In Her Bridal Party, Sister Retaliates

    Remember that time when a bride once offered one of her sisters $10,000 to be her maid of honor—so that their other sister couldn’t be it? Well, a new bridezilla story has gone viral on Reddit for the opposite reason. An unnamed bride was called out by her very own sister earlier this week after she allegedly […]

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    New Balance Gave Its Iconic, Best-Selling Sneaker Style a Sleek Makeover

    New Balance’s iconic 574 sneaker has been given a style-conscious makeover. The Boston-based sportswear brand debuted the new 574 Sport — a lifestyle-focused take on the shoe that was originally created in 1988 by combining two different New Balance sneakers. The kicks are available in black and white nubuck, and the sole nods the model’s […]

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    Sophie Turner Says Jon Snow’s “Sexism” Makes Him Underestimate Sansa

    There’s no question that Jon Snow (Kit Harington) has White Walkers on the brain, and after seeing a glimpse at these ice zombies, it’s pretty easy to see why: they’re terrifying. However, shutting down Sansa Stark’s (Sophie Turner) very important point about Cersei (Lena Headey) being a huge threat was, well, pretty uncool. Turner has […]

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    This Weekend’s Best Online Sales

    What to buy right now. The Racked office is currently split into two groups: people who think summer is over, and people who don’t. Regardless of which category they fall into, everyone can shop their hearts out with this weekend’s sales. Fall merchandise has fallen into the mix with brands like indie favorite Loup offering […]