• Celeb Style
    A primer on the hottest hybrid smartwatches

    What exactly is a hybrid smartwatch? To the naked eye, this new breed of tech watches may look just like a traditional watch, but what lies inside makes them truly unique. All hybrid smartwatches have Bluetooth capability, which syncs up to an app on your phone. This is essentially the bread and butter of the watch. It […]

  • Celeb Style
    Kylie Jenner is ready to ditch her crazy colored wigs

    We can count on Kylie Jenner to switch up her hair color quite often, thanks to her wide collection of wigs. She’s rocked everything from lime-green, long Cher-like hairto a pastel pink tousled mane. Although she has mastered the art of keeping us guessing what her next look will be, the 20-year-old hair chameleon is ready to […]

  • Fashion
    Millennials are happy spending $3,146 on Gucci bags

    Fast fashion retailers like Primark and Zara have had a busy year “designing” inspired-by looks from fashion’s most popular luxury houses. The biggest copycat victim may be Gucci, whose accessories and clothing have been reborn in the form of$10 loafers and $24 sweaters. Despite the counterfeits and copycats (one fashion editor calls fake Gucci ‘Fucci’),millennials […]

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    Mom shares back-to-school shopping parody video from aisles of Walmart

    A hilarious back-to-school shopping video posted to Facebook by a mom of three is resonating with parents across the country — many of whom are relieved to be able to laugh along with someone who understands how frustrating the ritual can be. “Four glue sticks and two bottles of glue,” says a harried Carolanne (aka […]

  • Style
    Nasty Gal’s former CEO can’t stop throwing shade at the company

    When customers tweet, brands respond. And apparently, so do their former CEOs. Earlier this week, internet clothing brand Nasty Gal tried to appease a shopper who took to Twitter to broadcast her dissatisfaction with an order. The original tweet to Nasty Gal mocked a chain-mail-inspired “shirt,” which arrived without any apparent apparatus such as straps […]

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    16 Things to Know About Hope Hicks

    From Cosmopolitan Hope Hicks was the press secretary for Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. She was, as you might imagine, crazy busy: traveling with Trump, responding to the tidal wave of media requests, and helping the candidate with his prolific tweeting. “I haven’t really been home since Thanksgiving,” she told New York magazine last year. Although […]