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    Foreign President’s Daughter Slammed for Breastfeeding Photo

    A young mother has hit back after she was forced to remove a photo from social media in which she is breastfeeding her baby boy. Aliya Shagieva, who is the 20-year-old daughter of the president of Kyrgyztan, can be seen in the April snap looking down at her son, Tagir, while cradling him and breastfeeding. […]

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    Woman ‘Pierces’ Her Baby Daughter’s Cheek and Angers the Internet

    When Enedina Vance shared a Photoshopped picture of her 6-month-old daughter on Facebook sporting a dimple piercing, she didn’t think it would cause such controversy. Her post, however, has racked up nearly 12,000 shares and over 120 comments. Some of her friends and family have jumped onto the satirical train. But others are enraged, labeling her a […]

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    Birth Control Is Health Care, For the Record

    As you may have heard, there’s an ongoing disagreement between Republicans and Democrats in Washington over our nation’s health care. Most Republicans want to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act (ACA), the cornerstone legislative achievement of Obama’s presidency; meanwhile Democrats want to hang onto it. A particularly contentious point is women’s health care, which seems to be especially under […]

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    Restaurant Fires Employee Who Told Breastfeeding Mom to ‘Cover That Up’

    A restaurant employee, who asked a breastfeeding woman to “shield her activity” from other customers, has been fired. On Wednesday, married couple Kevin and Anala Leichtman took their friends to Relish & More, a restaurant in Boca Raton, Florida. Their 10-month-old son Asher was hungry so Anala began breastfeeding under a blanket, when an employee told her […]

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    Can You Breastfeed and Drink Alcohol? It’s Complicated

    The parents of a 7-month-old baby were arrested in part because the mother was drinking beer while breastfeeding. On Friday, police were called to the Wild Beaver Saloon in Indianapolis, Ind., after a woman was spotted drinking beer while nursing her baby. According to a probable cause report sent to Yahoo Beauty from the Marion County […]