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    American flag, bathing suits
    Forget American Guys, Here’s Why You Should Date a Foreigner

    I’m an all-American girl. In fact, my mom and aunt were both born on the Fourth of July, and I own practically everything you can with an American flag on it . . . bathing suits, tablecloths, bandannas. Yet somehow I ended up married to a man with a US Green Card and a foreign […]

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    January Jones continues to slay summer in a repeat one-piece

    Her name might be January, but her season is summer. January Jones proved she’s a summer icon wearing a slew of awesome swimsuits this season. Exhibit A: the $445 navy one-piece by Lisa Marie Fernandez with a rope drawstring belt and a plunging neckline that she wore to lounge by the pool yesterday. The suit […]

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    That Red Bathing Suit That Went Viral in May Has Arrived … and People Love It

    After months of anticipation, the red bathing suit that went crazy on social media thanks to a botched company giveaway, is here — and people love it. But first, the backstory: In May, California-based retailer Sunny Co Clothing announced a sweet deal: Anyone — yes, anyone — who re-posted a photo of the “Pamela Sunny […]