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    7 Surprising Reasons You Have Under Eye Circles

    When you spot those pesky dark circles under your eyes, is your lack of sleep the first thing you blame? While getting a decent amount of shut eye is incredibly important, being tired isn’t the only reason your skin appears red, purple, and even a little blue. These are seven other things that could be […]

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    This Iconic Moisturizer Just Got a Major Upgrade—And It’s a Game Changer

    Everyone remembers their first Clinique experience. Mine was at my grandmother’s beach house in South Jersey, where she had a bottle of Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion—the cornerstone of the brand’s iconic three-step cleansing, exfoliating, and moisturizing system—in the guest bathroom. Save for my occasional dalliances with the nostalgic glass bottle and sage green packaging, its […]

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    6 At-Home Beauty Devices Worth Spending $$$ On

    Looking for cool, new beauty gadgets to add to your holiday wish list? Keep reading. Each of these at-home beauty devices were inspired by the latest skincare technology used by top dermatologists and facialists on the regular-so you know they’re legit. Put them in your shopping cart-or drop a hint to your mom that you […]

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    Louis Vuitton Is Making Scented Candles That You Can Carry Like a Purse

    2 Chainz once requested, “If I die, bury me inside that Louis store,” which I assume was partially borne out of a desire to be eternally enveloped in a luxurious Louis Vuitton scent. Master perfumer Jacques Cavallier Belletrud managed to bottle some of that in a collection of women’s fragrances in 2016, and again in […]

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    Natural Deodorants
    These Natural Deodorants Will Actually Keep You Fresh All Day

    People have started paying attention to what’s exactly inside their deodorant, which makes sense, because it’s something most of us mindlessly apply to our armpits every day. For years, rumors have swirled that there’s a solid link between certain cancers and the aluminum chloride and parabens found in antiperspirants. Although that may not be proven, […]

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    powerglow peel
    How To Fade Acne Scars For Good — Without A Trip To The Derm

    First came the acne and then came the fully-loaded pile of salicylic acid cleansers, benzoyl peroxide creams, and spot treatments. Now all that remains are the ghosts of pimples past: acne scars — and they can haunt you long after the initial breakout has gone away. The hard truth is that nothing you can buy over-the-counter […]

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    Why I Only Use Skin-Care Products That Smell Bad

    The sense of smell is an emotional and experiential one, as opposed to survival-based or biological. Our perception of what smells good and what smells bad is determined through context and the power of suggestion; as much as enjoying things that smell pleasant is a learned behavior, so is enjoying things that do not. Nobody […]

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    This $5 Foundation Is Blowing Up on Reddit For Lasting a Full 11 Hours

    Finding the right foundation formula can be a real doozy. Much of the process depends on trial and error, which can obviously be both timely and costly. Because of this, many makeup aficionados turn to the ultimate jackpot of all beauty advice regarding foundation tips, tricks and recommendations: Reddit. In a post to r/makeupaddiction, Reddit […]

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    Jelly Nails
    I Wore Extreme Jelly Nails For A Week — & It Was Not Easy

    I should start off by saying I am a complete acrylic-nail virgin — so getting a major set of talons like these was a big thing for me. I was intrigued by the pics all over Instagram (including Kylie Jenner’s post, which racked up over 4 million likes) but when it came to trying them […]