• Beauty
    Should we still be using the term ‘anti-aging’ in 2017?

    If you have ever been up at night Googling how to improve your skin’s elasticity, brighten dark circles, or how to get a youthful glow, chances are you have come across the term “anti-aging.” While some think nothing of the term, there are others who may stop and think, “Why are we describing aging like it’s some sort […]

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    5 Simple Hairstyle Changes That Make a Major Impact

    Even if you’re exceedingly gifted in the hairstyling department, it’s still easy to get comfortable and stick with the same old look. We get it. You’re trying to play it safe. But, how boring is that? What about when that hairstyle grows stale? Do you just ride it out, spend tons of money for something new, […]