• Beauty
    Beauty Vlogger With Eye Birthmark Hits Back at Shamers

    Sonia Leslie is a beauty vlogger with close to 50,000 Instagram followers. She captivates her audience with her unique personal style and her funny charisma. But it’s her unconventional gaze that has now caused controversy in the social media world. In a recent post, she shared her discontent with people questioning her eyes. She wrote, “There’s nothing […]

  • Beauty
    How to Find Dupes for Your Beloved Discontinued Lipsticks

    Finding a lipstick that you absolutely love is hard. Parting with a lipstick that you’ve fallen in love with is devastating. Through the limited-edition collections of so many cosmetic brands, where products are brought into your life only to be taken out, heartbreak is a reoccurring theme. Luckily, there’s a way to ensure that you don’t have […]

  • Beauty
    Future Sunscreen May Contain DNA — and It Gets Better the Longer You Wear It

    Medical innovators have developed a coating made out of DNA that not only improves its ability to protect skin from harmful ultraviolet (UV) light the longer it’s exposed to the sun’s rays but also keeps skin hydrated. “Ultraviolet light can actually damage DNA, and that’s not good for the skin,” said Guy German, assistant professor of […]

  • Health
    Moms Share Catty Remarks They’ve Heard From Strangers While Breastfeeding in Powerful Photo Shoot

    A group of mothers are taking the worst things people have said to them while they were breastfeeding and turning the disparaging comments into something beautiful with a photo shoot. In an effort to break the social stigmas surrounding breastfeeding, professional photographer Nicki Kaylor asked nine women to pose with their children and simultaneously hold up […]

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    Khloé Kardashian’s No. 1 Piece of Dating Advice She Gave BFF Malika Haqq

    Malika Haqq is famously known as Khloé Kardashian‘s best friend, as well as the previous fling of Rob Kardashian. But now she’s stepping into her own spotlight on Famously Single. Things are already heating up on the second season of the E! reality show, and there’s no doubt that the celebrities are getting out of their comfort […]

  • Fashion
    So, there’s a chance your fidget spinner could burst into flames

    Fidget spinners have been everywhere recently: first as a novelty gadget with claims abouthelping kids focus, and then as a popular toy taking over classrooms and annoying teachersacross the country. But now some may pose a fire hazard. Two mothers in Michigan and Alabama reported that their children’s Bluetooth-enabled fidget spinners burst into flames in […]

  • Style
    12 Iconic American Beauty Products That Make Us Nostalgic

    In the vast world of cosmetic and skin care brands, 12 stand out as truly American and iconic. Among the aisles and shelves of creams, soaps, powders, and lotions, these products are beloved equally for the way they’re packaged, their memorable scent, and how they make us feel. We’re almost 100 percent sure everyone has […]

  • Beauty
    Gay YouTube Star Ingrid Nilsen on Coming Out: ‘It Freed Me’

    Ingrid Nilsen joined YouTube back in 2009 when she started posting makeup tutorials filmed in her very own bedroom. Within two years, her channel began to grow, beyond her walls and beauty world, where she discovered that her relatable content could widely inspire her audience. Almost eight years after her first YouTube video, Nilsen has evolved […]

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    Brace Yourself for Lady Gaga’s Coachella Beauty

    When Lady Gaga takes the stage this Saturday at Coachella, be prepared for a monster of a spectacle. The singer always brings it. Yahoo Beauty talked to her longtime makeup artist,Sarah Tanno, about working with Gaga and keeping her looks forever fresh. “With Gaga, we have the opportunity to really go for it with her. […]