• Style
    Woman Angers Social Media for Asking Why Cheeky Bikini Bottoms Are Trendy

    There are some days when it seems like social media turns people of all ages into the neighborhood grouch who hangs around on the street, muttering complaints about everyone who passes by. This week’s grumbling comes from “Abbi,” a Twitter user who dropped a couple of short lines about the latest swimwear trend of high-cut bottoms […]

  • Beauty
    Actress Posts ‘Bikini Body’ Selfie to Feel a ‘Tad Less Queasy’

    “Bikini body” and “bikini season” are a couple of small phrases that seem to carry a lot of weight. Every year, articles dominate the media pipelines of either getting a bikini body or being happy with the one you’ve got. One woman, actress Hazel Hayes took to social media to help deal with some of […]