• Health
    WATCH: Lip Fillers Can Lead To Cysts, And Those Cysts Have To Be Popped

    Caution: Lip fillers can leave cysts when they are poorly injected, and those cysts have to be popped. Dermatologists have become known for posting stomach-churning videos of procedures they perform in-office. And as a result, watching gigantic pimples being popped or viewing blackhead removal in close-up slow motion has become a guilty pleasure unlike any other for some people. […]

  • Beauty
    Athleta Vows ‘Meaningful’ Change After Being Called Out For Showing Plus Clothes On Straight-Size Models

     A sampling of Athleta’s plus-size section.  (Athleta) Slowly but surely, brands, magazines and models are working to squash the misconception that fitness stops above a certain size. Plus-size model Iskra Lawrence starred on Self magazine’s last ever print cover. Women’s Running has made a habit of including women of all shapes and sizes on its covers […]

  • Health
    Why Happy Couples Gain Weight Over Time

    If you can’t fit into the same pair of jeans you wore on your first date with your partner, there’s a legitimate reason why: Love makes you gain weight. A couple on Twitter recently illustrated this phenomenon with a series of photos featuring them at varying weights from the beginning of their relationship to present […]

  • Health
    What I Want My Daughter to Know About Her Body

    My mother thinks I’m crazy. I breastfed for “like, a really long time,” I dress my daughter as a different version of Beyoncé each Halloween, and every time I bathe my girl, I hoist her still-wet frame up in the mirror Simba-style, and together we chant, “Look at this beautiful body!” She squeals with glee […]

  • Health
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    How to Exfoliate Dead Skin Cells Off Every Part of Your Body

    Your entire body is covered in dead skin cells. And when skin cells die, they don’t fall off or float away. Instead, they stay on top of your skin like tiny rotting corpses. In the same way that keeping a decaying body around the house would be a bad idea, keeping these extinguished skin cells […]

  • Celeb Style
    Emily Ratajkowski says her chest size has prevented her from getting roles

    Emily Ratajkowski continually inspires us with her efforts to embrace her sexuality andmaintain a strong, feminist voice. It’s 2017, so it’s time about dang time we as a society learned that women can be smart, capable, and sexy. Right? Well, despite Emily’s attempts to start tipping the scale in the other direction, Ratajkowski says her […]