• Beauty
    ‘Braided’ eyebrows are the latest absurd beauty trend that truly anyone can try

    It’s been just about a week since the Great Squiggle Brow Phase of 2017, but somehow there’s already a new eyebrow trend taking over Instagram. “Braided” eyebrows have officially trumped the squiggle brow. The catch? They’re Photoshopped. SEE ALSO: Thanks to ‘squiggle brows,’ your eyebrows can finally look like tiny snakes “What the f*#%k are […]

  • Style
    We Can’t Get Enough of This Woman’s Gorgeous Butterfly Braids

    Professional dancer Najla Gilliam saw the gorgeous Allure magazine cover shoot featuring Zoe Kravitz and was inspired. Channeling the butterflies stylists decided to add to Kravitz’s braids, Gilliam adorned her own hair with butterflies. It’s now a style she wears on the regular, and we’re totally here for it. The 22-year-old New Jersey native fell in love with the […]