• Health
    What Is The Best Age To Start Using Retinol?

    Q—CHARLOTTE’S BOOK READER Sometimes I read that I am too young to start using retinol and other times I read that retinol is the end-all, be-all antiaging product and you can’t start too young. What’s the right answer? I am age 28. A—DR. JOSHUA ZEICHNER, DERMATOLOGIST Your mid 20s is certainly a reasonable time to start using […]

  • Beauty
    First-Class Summer Hats: 2017 Edition

    The best reason to rock a summer hat? Not for fashion of course, but in the name of wrinkle prevention. And while a good scarf and chunky shades are a good start, these won’t be enough to combat the 50 shades of sun this summer promises. “We have the tendency to perceive the post-sun sky as a friendlier one, not […]