• Beauty
    Hello Kitty Bath Bombs Are Here and Adorable

    From Cosmopolitan Cuteness ambassador Hello Kitty has put her (human, apparently) face on everything from face masks to wine, but her latest collab is another level of adorable. That’s because beauty brand Fragrant Jewels has teamed up with Sanrio to deliver Hello Kitty candles and bath bombs. That already sounds amazing, but Fragrant Jewels is […]

  • Beauty
    I Said Yes to My Kids for a Week

    My 6-year-old daughter (whom I shall henceforth lovingly refer to as “#1”) had recently started prefacing her requests with this gut punch of a phrase: “I know you’re probably going to say no… ” I’m not sure why it took months for me to really hear it, but one day I was standing in the […]

  • Fashion
    Taylor Swift Is Selling Snake-Themed Merchandise

    From Cosmopolitan Taylor Swift dropped her new single late Thursday night, and the music video for it will debut Friday morning on Good Morning America. But for Swifties who’ve waited three long years for #TS6, Nov. 10 is still a long ways away. And that’s why Taylor Swift made merch. Photo credit: TaylorSwift.com That’s right: […]

  • Health
    Lush Dropped Five Mystical New Jelly Face Masks

    From Cosmopolitan Beauty brand Lush already offers up jelly products in the form of its shower jellies(and upcoming jelly bath bombs), and if you haven’t seen these babies jiggle, just take them in first: The brand’s latest product launch continues riding the jelly train. Meet Lush’s jelly face masks, which bring the shower jellies’ pleasing […]

  • Health
    ALERT: Starbucks Is Dropping a Mermaid Frappuccino

    Stop what you’re doing, cancel your plans, call of out of work because Starbucks Mexico is launching a Mermaid Frappuccino. Ahhhh. Very different from the unofficial mermaid Frappuccino that went viral in May, the official Frapp is made with green melon crème that’s topped with blue vanilla whipped cream, blue and pink sugar crystals, and […]

  • Health
    Cookbook Features the Weirdest Pregnancy Cravings

    Pickles and Ice Cream:A Bizarre Pregnancy Cravings Cookbook is a new cookbook from artists Vicky Jacob-Ebbinghaus and Juarez Rodrigues about – wait for it – bizarre cravings women have had while pregnant! The married pair researched 50,000 reported pregnancy cravings from around the world and interviewed women with specific interests. Each of said cravings appears […]

  • Style
    16 Things to Know About Hope Hicks

    From Cosmopolitan Hope Hicks was the press secretary for Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. She was, as you might imagine, crazy busy: traveling with Trump, responding to the tidal wave of media requests, and helping the candidate with his prolific tweeting. “I haven’t really been home since Thanksgiving,” she told New York magazine last year. Although […]

  • Celeb Style
    Selena Gomez Is Now A Handbag Designer for Coach

    From Cosmopolitan Selena Gomez may have her hands full with singing and acting, but she’s also currently the face of the iconic brand Coach. After wearing them to this year’s Met Gala and posing in her first campaign for the brand, Selena’s taking this relationship to the next level with handbags in her name. Meet […]

  • Health
    6 Subtle Thyroid Cancer Signs I Ignored

    From Cosmopolitan After experiencing cold- and allergy-like symptoms for two months in 2014, journalist Christine Coppa, now 36, was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. While most of the 56,870 diagnoses each year have a 90 percent survival rate, the disease primarily affects women, who comprise 75 percent of the cases. Coppa, who underwent a thyroidectomy and […]

  • Style
    The Dark Truth About Young Marriages

    thing offhand if you’re in it for the long haul.” Even though the threat of divorce is often an empty one in young marriages – only 3 percent of respondents who have been married for three months or less reported that they’ve ever regretted marrying their spouse – regret does increase after the first year, […]