• Beauty
    ‘Braided’ eyebrows are the latest absurd beauty trend that truly anyone can try

    It’s been just about a week since the Great Squiggle Brow Phase of 2017, but somehow there’s already a new eyebrow trend taking over Instagram. “Braided” eyebrows have officially trumped the squiggle brow. The catch? They’re Photoshopped. SEE ALSO: Thanks to ‘squiggle brows,’ your eyebrows can finally look like tiny snakes “What the f*#%k are […]

  • Health
    This Woman’s Eyebrow Microblading Horror Story Is The Scariest We’ve Seen Yet

    Update: The salon owner of Skincare Laser Clinic and technician Iain Cleveland has officially responded to Amanda Coats’ claims, stating that she believes the adverse reaction at hand was all “due to an allergy to one of the supplementary products.” Cleveland assures us that the procedure took place in a sterilized environment with safe equipment. […]