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    10 Style and Makeup Rules Every NFL Cheerleader Must Follow

    The National Football League has come under fire recently for how it treats its cheerleaders and some of the style and makeup rules will shock you. A comprehensive New York Times report revealed that NFL cheerleaders receive handbooks detailing restrictions on hair, makeup, and even how to eat. Read on to learn what could be […]

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    Good Hair Day: How Braiding Your Hair Before Bed Can Get You Your Healthiest Hair Yet

    Remembering to remove your makeup before bed is one thing, but caring for your hair at night is something completely different. While it may seem time-consuming and unnecessary, paying close attention to your hair before hitting the hay can mean the difference between dry, brittle strands, and luscious, healthy-looking hair. One of our favorite ways to care […]

  • Nail Polish Colors That Make Your Hands Look Older Than They Are

    With hands being one of the first places to show signs of aging, choosing a nail polish color can mean the difference between youthful mitts and “old lady hands.” Between dark spots, wrinkles, and those pesky blue veins that become more prominent with age, certain colors can both draw attention and distract from visible signs […]

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    Shockingly Simple Beauty Tricks Meghan Markle Swears By

    Meghan Markle may have the royal glam squad on speed dial, but that hasn’t always been the case. In her time as an actress, she worked with some of the best beauty experts in the business. And, as a result, she learned some genius royal-approved beauty tricks. From achieving slicked back buns to keeping her […]

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    Do Not Fear the Male Pedicure

    By Rohan Nadkarni. I was apprehensive when I sat in the chair for my first male pedicure. It was December 2008, I was in Bombay visiting family, and a mustachioed man with skinny (but strong!) hands wheeled over a bucket of warm water and placed a buffet of tools I’d never seen before at my […]