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    The Best-Selling Fashion Brands & Pieces Of 2018 (So Far)

    The results are in: Global fashion search platform Lyst has released the latest installment of the Lyst Index Q1, its quarterly report charting and analyzing the most sought-after trends, brands, and items of the season. Business of Fashion broke down the data, revealing some interesting changes in brand popularity — and you may be surprised. […]

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    Millennials are happy spending $3,146 on Gucci bags

    Fast fashion retailers like Primark and Zara have had a busy year “designing” inspired-by looks from fashion’s most popular luxury houses. The biggest copycat victim may be Gucci, whose accessories and clothing have been reborn in the form of$10 loafers and $24 sweaters. Despite the counterfeits and copycats (one fashion editor calls fake Gucci ‘Fucci’),millennials […]

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    Gucci Named Hottest Fashion Brand in New Report

    When you think of the hottest clothing brands, a few fashion favorites come to mind: ASOS, Zara, Nike to name a few. But it’s hard to tell which brand holds the crown in terms of popularity — and the #1 spot shifts from year-to-year. In a quest to find the top-selling brand, Business of Fashion […]

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    Everything Rihanna Wears Looks Amazing: ‘This Dress Should Thank Rihanna’

    Rihanna has many, many skills. One of her most under-sung skills however, is taking clothing items that looks remarkably weird or boring or wrong elsewhere and turning them into highly-coveted fashion staples once they grace her body. Her fans have caught onto this gift, and many of them lovingly refer to it as fashion witchcraft. The latest example of her […]