• Health
    Why Not Everyone Should “No-Poo”

    Over the past few years, the “no-poo” method of hair care has amassed lots of believers. The idea is to discontinue (or greatly cut back on) the use of commercial shampoos, and instead use a variety of gentler alternatives, like conditioners, apple cider vinegar rinses, or even plain water to cleanse the hair. The internet […]

  • Celeb Style
    Kylie Jenner is ready to ditch her crazy colored wigs

    We can count on Kylie Jenner to switch up her hair color quite often, thanks to her wide collection of wigs. She’s rocked everything from lime-green, long Cher-like hairto a pastel pink tousled mane. Although she has mastered the art of keeping us guessing what her next look will be, the 20-year-old hair chameleon is ready to […]

  • Beauty
    The Best New Shampoo Is Made From Human Hair

    Keratin is an amplifying component of hair care: too little of the protein and your hair is extraordinarily weak and unmanageable; too much and your hair is alarmingly stiff and brittle. The perfect keratin algorithm dwells at a sweet spot that cosmetic companies have spent decades trying to hit. Virtue, a hairbcare line that employs […]

  • Beauty
    Should You Shave Your Head to Make Your Hair Grow Back Healthier?

    By Devon Abelman. Photo by: Getty Images. With celebrities like Katy Perry, Cara Delevingne, Kristen Stewart, and — most recently — Kate Hudson, shaving their heads this summer, the most obvious thought is: “Their hair is going to look amazing when it grows back.” The other is “Should I shave my head, too?” There’s an […]

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    Confession: I'm a Woman and I Shave My Face
    Confession: I’m a Woman and I Shave My Face

     can’t believe I’m putting this out on the Internet. And at the risk of never getting a date ever again in this lifetime, here it goes: I shave my face. (Never thought Caroline Manzo and I would have something in common, but alas!) To kick things off, no, I don’t stand in front of the […]

  • Celeb Style
    Lady Gaga Accused of Ripping Off New Rainbow Hair Look

    Only a few days short of her upcoming Joanne world tour, Lady Gaga shared a completely new hair look on Instagram, topping even the other surprising hair transformation she flaunted in June: shorter rainbow hair. While many of her loyal Little Monsters are loving the new look, others are crying foul, comparing it to that of a fellow celeb […]

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    The Best Hair-Care Routine for Every Hair Concern

    By Jessica Chia. Photo by: Getty Images. The liveliest curls and shiniest waves start out the same way: with a squirt of shampoo and a hit of conditioner. No matter your hair challenges, a little lathering, rinsing, and repeating can do a world of good — if you’re strategic. How to wash your way to […]