• Fashion
    12 Clothing Stores Like Everlane To Stock Up On Basics

    There’s a reason Everlane is beloved by its cult followers.  It’s affordable, it’s fashionable, it’s high-quality, and it’s sustainable. But, perhaps the best thing about Everlane is that its products don’t go in and out of style in the blink of an eye. The fashion-within-reach retailer has made a name for itself as the online-shopping destination […]

  • Fashion
    The ‘Jeans That Show Off Your Butt Crack’ Trend Isn’t Dying Anytime Soon

    It’s the newest, most unconventional trend we just don’t understand: cheeky jeans that basically show off your bare bum. ASOS recently released a pair of $60 jeans that’ll leave customers with something resembling a plumber’s crack or a wedgie waiting to happen. Called the “high waisted straight leg jeans with open back,” these babies are all business […]

  • Beauty
    This Asian Curve Model Is Out To Smash Some Stereotypes

    Women over a certain size are constantly having to shatter stereotypes. But one stereotype in particular may not last much longer. Natalie Nootenboom is a 16-year-old up-and-coming model and the niece of famous DJ Steve Aoki. She looks up to him, she told Revelist, “because he broke Asian normswith his music.” She hopes to break Asian norms, too, […]

  • Fashion
    10 Grown-Up Friendship Bracelets That’ll Take Your Squad To The Next Level

    Scratch what you thought you knew about best-friend jewelry. Long gone are the days of braided BFF bangles and matching bracelets covered in an endless array of charms. Instead, we’ve moved onto more mature versions of these nostalgic childhood memorabilia (because adulthood). It’s time to upgrade that hemp-braided friendship bracelet from your summer camp days. Below, […]

  • Celeb Style
    Jessica Alba Makes This Topshop Jacket Look Like A Million Bucks

    Jessica Alba doesn’t need designer duds to look chic. The actress stepped out Wednesday in Los Angeles for the opening of “Hamilton” in a long black dress with black platform heels and chandelier earrings. But it was her floral print maxi kimono jacket from Topshop that retails for $130 that caught our eye. Jessica Alba […]

  • Beauty
    17 Raw Stone Engagement Rings That Will Appeal To The Offbeat Bride

    These engagement rings made with raw stones are a bit rough around the edges ― in a good way! Raw or uncut stones aren’t cut into traditional, symmetrical shapes or polished like the ones you’re used to seeing in traditional engagement jewelry. Instead, they retain more of their natural shape and texture, creating a one-of-a-kind appearance. Below, you’ll […]

  • Style
    Chinese Restaurant Offers Women Discounts Based On Their Bra Size

    The larger the breasts, the bigger the discount ― that’s the controversial promotion a restaurant in Zhejiang province, China, offered this month. The eatery, called Trendy Shrimp, prompted furore for its provocative price-cuts, which an incensed local called“discriminatory” and “vulgar.” Trendy Shrimp, which is located in a mall in the city of Hangzhou, advertised the unusual discount […]

  • Health
    You’re Probably Forgetting To Brush This Part Of Your Teeth

    Despite most of us thinking that we’re brushing our teeth correctly or flossing frequently enough, dentist visits are often full of surprises. Irritation, cavities, gingivitis ― the list of our maladies goes on and on. It’s always important to go back to basics and make sure that you’re brushing your teeth with proper technique. When it […]

  • Health
    A2 Milk Is About To Become A Health Food Trend. Here’s What You Need To Know.

    If you already thought the milk aisle was confusing with all the options between regular, organic and plant-based milks, get ready because it’s about to get a little more perplexing with a product called A2 milk. This milk has been on the market in Australia and New Zealand for a number of years already, and it’s just […]