• Health
    You can improve your health in 2 weeks by cutting back on sugar

    You know sugar isn’t good for you, but it can be hard to break the habit. If you’re having trouble cutting back on the sweet stuff, this might provide a little extra motivation: New research found that people who reduced their sugar intake had better markers of health in just two weeks. For the scientific […]

  • Fashion
    Bride scales 8 mountains in 8 days — in wedding dress — to raise awareness of her disease

    A pair of newlyweds took a unique approach to their honeymoon recently, climbing eight mountains in as many days — in their wedding outfits, no less — to raise awareness around a rare form of vasculitis, a blood vessel disorder, that afflicts the bride. “I’m not into [mountain climbing] usually but it seemed an ideal challenge, as I’ve […]

  • Beauty
    Having a Baby in Your 30s Might Mean You Live Longer

    Good news for women who are late to the parenting party, as a new study reveals that women who have babies in their 30s may actually live longer than their younger mom counterparts. The research by scientists at Portugal’s Coimbra University, published in the Journal of Public Health, compared the life expectancies of mothers in European countries […]

  • Beauty
    Future Sunscreen May Contain DNA — and It Gets Better the Longer You Wear It

    Medical innovators have developed a coating made out of DNA that not only improves its ability to protect skin from harmful ultraviolet (UV) light the longer it’s exposed to the sun’s rays but also keeps skin hydrated. “Ultraviolet light can actually damage DNA, and that’s not good for the skin,” said Guy German, assistant professor of […]

  • Health
    Here’s Why You Are a Mosquito Magnet

    Photo: David Sims. Without getting all Black Mirror on you, the truth of the matter is that in addition to late-afternoon barbecues, sunset sails, and early-morning plunges into pools, summer also calls for a dark bride: the mosquito. And while the insects are commonly known to be hyperactive around dawn and dusk, Jonathan Day, professor […]

  • Health
    Why Happy Couples Gain Weight Over Time

    If you can’t fit into the same pair of jeans you wore on your first date with your partner, there’s a legitimate reason why: Love makes you gain weight. A couple on Twitter recently illustrated this phenomenon with a series of photos featuring them at varying weights from the beginning of their relationship to present […]

  • Health
    ‘Period Brain’ Doesn’t Exist, Says New Study

    Many people (mostly men) believe that a menstruating woman is incapable of making decisions and should therefore not be taken seriously. But a small new study has shown that to be faulty logic. Researchers from Ruhr University Bochum and Aristotle University of Thessaloniki studied 88 menstruating women. They assessed each woman’s general competence — including visuospatial […]

  • What's Hot
    Turns Out, Sex Doesn’t Actually Sell, Says Study

    We’ve been told for years that sex sells — whether it’s a scantily clad woman eating a burger or models in barely there lingerie walking a runway. But a new study finds that’s not necessarily the case. Researchers at the University of Illinois analyzed nearly 80 advertising studies published over the past 30 years and […]