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    Parents push back against elementary schools’ decision to share book about transgender child

    A school district in Ann Arbor, Mich., is under fire from elementary school parents after making the decision to air a videotaped book reading about the story of transgender child Jazz Jennings to their young students without parental consent. According to a local Michigan publication M Live, the Michigan Organization on Adolescent Sexual Health (MOASH) decided […]

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    Which Stores Will Be Closed On Thanksgiving Day 2018?

    If you’re wondering how to plan your Black Friday shopping agenda, you might want to key an eye on which stores will be closed on Thanksgiving Day 2018. Last year’s list of closed stores on Thanksgiving was longer than the year prior, and 2018′s list of closed Thanksgiving stores seems to be on track to […]

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    Starbucks’ new Witch’s Brew drink contains a superfood

    Big news, Starbucks fans: There’s a new drink out in time for Halloween. It’s called the Witch’s Brew Frappuccino, and it’s pretty eye-catching. The drink has a purple blend of “toad’s breath” and orange crème Frappuccino, along with a swirl of green “bat warts” (made with chia seeds), according to a Starbucks press release. It’s […]

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    Parents say 15-minute lunch breaks at school leave their children hungry

    Parents say kindergarteners are allowed only 12 to 15 minutes to eat lunch at school — and say their hungry children are suffering from stomachaches and weight loss as a result. According to a Change.org petition launched Thursday by two mothers whose children attend schools within Washington state’s Kent School District, kindergarteners have only 30 minutes […]

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    Pumpkin Spice
    Pumpkin Spice Latte fanatics, explained

    We’re technically still in the thick of summer, but Starbucks has brought its fall favorite, the Pumpkin Spice Latte, back early, on Tuesday. And people are completely freaking out about it online, with #PumpkinSpiceLatte trending on Twitter since early morning and Instagram flooded with snapshots of people posing with their coveted beverages. So what gives? […]

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    What, exactly, are you supposed to do about sunscreen in your eye?

    It’s pretty much a given that when you get sunscreen in your eye, it’s going to hurt … a lot. Busy Philipps knows the feeling: She’s on vacation and just posted about her own sunscreen-in-eye experience on Instagram, alongside a photo of herself squinting in pain. “I’ll never get used to the sweat/sunscreen in my […]