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    A MAC Lipstick Helped Me With My Gender Transition

    I used to push my shopping cart down the makeup aisle, watching the pinks and plums and reds flash by, wishing I could stop and drink them in but terrified to be seen doing it. I’d never bought lipstick before. I’d never bought any makeup before. To me, they’d always been forbidden, something I could […]

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    Too Faced Unicorn Tears Is Coming in Melted Latex Form

    Update: Earlier this year, Too Faced dropped a huge collection of Melted Latex Lipsticks with nary a Unicorn Tears shade in sight, an tbh, I was a little disappointed. You could even say I shed some unicorn tears of my own. But I waited faithfully for the day that Too Faced would reward me, and […]

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    How to Find Dupes for Your Beloved Discontinued Lipsticks

    Finding a lipstick that you absolutely love is hard. Parting with a lipstick that you’ve fallen in love with is devastating. Through the limited-edition collections of so many cosmetic brands, where products are brought into your life only to be taken out, heartbreak is a reoccurring theme. Luckily, there’s a way to ensure that you don’t have […]

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    We Tried That Crazy Lipstick All Your Facebook Friends Are Selling

    I was standing in a crowded bathroom in Montauk reapplying my red lipstick when my friend from Texas slinked up next to me. “Have you heard of this new lip topcoat they’re selling down South?” she purred in her thick accent, describing it like some sketchy new drug circulating an underground club scene. “Apparently, it […]