• Style
    Mom shares back-to-school shopping parody video from aisles of Walmart

    A hilarious back-to-school shopping video posted to Facebook by a mom of three is resonating with parents across the country — many of whom are relieved to be able to laugh along with someone who understands how frustrating the ritual can be. “Four glue sticks and two bottles of glue,” says a harried Carolanne (aka […]

  • Beauty
    Stunning pregnant model poses in incredible body paint for photo shoot

    Pregnancy photo shoots just got a major upgrade. A model who goes byMeccaThaModel on Instagram partnered with photographer Ricky Codio to shoot herself naked, pregnant, and covered in body paint, with a ponytail that goes down to her feet. You pretty much just have to see this gorgeousness for yourself. The tribal-inspired look was shot […]

  • Health
    Restaurant Fires Employee Who Told Breastfeeding Mom to ‘Cover That Up’

    A restaurant employee, who asked a breastfeeding woman to “shield her activity” from other customers, has been fired. On Wednesday, married couple Kevin and Anala Leichtman took their friends to Relish & More, a restaurant in Boca Raton, Florida. Their 10-month-old son Asher was hungry so Anala began breastfeeding under a blanket, when an employee told her […]