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    This is Officially the Best-Selling Beauty Product on Amazon

    The jury is out, and the number-one best-selling beauty product on Amazon is a product you’ve probably never heard of, but definitely need in your beauty arsenal.Finishing Touch Flawless ($20) is a new—as in one-month-old new—at-home hair-removal device that already has over 1 million sales under its belt, which adds up to 22 units every […]

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    Women Are Getting This Injection to ‘Whiten’ Their Skin

    In the U.S. skin care industry, the “brightening” category is a major one. It seems like everyone has a desire to get rid of dullness and discoloration, and as a result, there’s been a huge boost in these products on the market. Everything from serums and creams to supplements and laser treatments are touted as […]

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    An Easy-to-Use Anti-Aging Product That Delivers Results Instantly

    Conventional skin care wisdom says an effective anti-aging routine requires multiple steps and products, applied daily for many days on end. But if you’ve struggled with remembering to layer on different products and figuring out what ingredients you should be using for different concerns, there’s a solution out there that takes the guesswork out of […]

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    The St. Ives Product America Wanted Is Finally Here

    Growing up in my household, the words “St. Ives” and “facial scrub” were practically synonymous (the classic apricot offering was irreplaceable), but it seems my family wasn’t the only one to think that way, as the go-to exfoliation brand gears up to introduce its first-ever limited-edition product 62 years after its inception in 1955. Voted […]

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    Your Old Mascara May Not Be As Harmful As You Think

    We’re told to toss our cosmetics after a certain time frame with the belief that the older they are (and the more we use them), the more contaminated they become with bacteria that can spread and cause infections. But a new post on Reddit shows a limited-edition MaybellineGreat Lash Blink of Blue mascara, which debuted about five […]

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    Woman Who Was Body Shamed by Playmate Dani Mathers Speaks Out

    @DaniMathers Seriously? You love empowering women? Does this look like empowerment? GIRL. Just stop. pic.twitter.com/BglwhW7lIP — Bonnie Reynolds (@bonniereynolds) July 14, 2016 **Updated June 9, 2017 The Dani Mathers case may be over—the former playmate plead no contest and agreed to 30 days of community service (including graffiti removal) and three years of probation—but more […]