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    I Said Yes to My Kids for a Week

    My 6-year-old daughter (whom I shall henceforth lovingly refer to as “#1”) had recently started prefacing her requests with this gut punch of a phrase: “I know you’re probably going to say no… ” I’m not sure why it took months for me to really hear it, but one day I was standing in the […]

  • Style
    Mom shares back-to-school shopping parody video from aisles of Walmart

    A hilarious back-to-school shopping video posted to Facebook by a mom of three is resonating with parents across the country — many of whom are relieved to be able to laugh along with someone who understands how frustrating the ritual can be. “Four glue sticks and two bottles of glue,” says a harried Carolanne (aka […]

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    This Special Calendar for Kids of Divorce Makes Co-Parenting SO Much Easier

    From Good Housekeeping Though the whole process of a divorce is tough on kids, the sudden unpredictability of when they’ll see mom or dad next is one of the harder things. Even harder? Navigating work schedules, after-school activities and the weekend grind, all while trying ensure that the kids spend enough (and equal) time with […]

  • Health
    I Gave Up Alcohol While Pregnant and Am Never Going Back

    Last Thursday, I went two two different bars after work. Sure, happy-hour bar hopping is nothing special – except that I happen to be six months pregnant. OK, don’t freak out. I didn’t get wasted. Instead I sipped on a rotation of fresh fruit juice and sparkling water while I caught up with friends. This […]

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    Foreign President’s Daughter Slammed for Breastfeeding Photo

    A young mother has hit back after she was forced to remove a photo from social media in which she is breastfeeding her baby boy. Aliya Shagieva, who is the 20-year-old daughter of the president of Kyrgyztan, can be seen in the April snap looking down at her son, Tagir, while cradling him and breastfeeding. […]

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    Having a Baby in Your 30s Might Mean You Live Longer

    Good news for women who are late to the parenting party, as a new study reveals that women who have babies in their 30s may actually live longer than their younger mom counterparts. The research by scientists at Portugal’s Coimbra University, published in the Journal of Public Health, compared the life expectancies of mothers in European countries […]

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    Itty-Bitty Disney Princesses Are Brought to Life in Enchanting Photo Shoot

    From Good Housekeeping Get ready for cuteness overload. Mom and maternity photographer Karen Marie has used her love of Disney to create a seriously adorable newborn photo shoot, where she reimagined six classic princesses as real itty-bitty babies. Photo credit: Belly Beautiful Portraits You see, the Disney princess tales of love and heroism always resonated […]

  • Style
    4-Year-Old Learns Important Lessons by Dressing Up as Great Women of the World

    Daniela Peña, who goes by @_analabanana on Instagram, has found a fashionable and fun way to teach her 4-year-old daughter, Ana, about powerful and influential women in the world. The mother and daughter, who hail from Bogotá, Colombia, team up to recreate famous images of women — similar to the way that others, including this Brooklyn […]