• Style
    This 1 woman inspired hundreds to wear clothing they have ‘no business wearing’

    A blogger who shared a photo of herself in an LBD she has “no business wearing” has unintentionally emboldened other women to reject beauty standards in the name of body positivity. Katey Johnson is a mother of two on Long Island, N.Y., who blogs at The Mother Octopus when she’s not running a photo-frame business from home. Her […]

  • Fashion
    The very cool reason this white T-shirt is going viral

    A simple white T-shirt is getting loads of social media love for inspiring self-confidence in women. The shirt, which is sold at Feminine Funk, an online retailer, reads, “She embraced her stretch marks, fell in love with her cellulite, flaunted her rolls & gave zero f***s what anyone said and she lived happily ever after. The […]

  • Style
    What This Cuddly Cat Can Teach Us About Body Acceptance

    A curvy model is using a cuddly cat to spread self-acceptance. Khrystyana, a self-described “body-positive model and poet” from San Francisco, regularly posts inspiring messages promoting health and self-acceptance on herInstagram account, which has 55,000 followers. Echoing past sentiments such as “Healthy is not the new skinny” and “Have a strong day,” the size-10 model […]

  • Fashion
    Male Plus-Size Instagrammer Wants Men to Be Included in the Body-Positive Movement

    Ryan Dziadul, a 35-year-old New York City-based publicist, is the face behind the popular men’s body-positive Instagram account extraextrastyle. With the female plus-size market abundant with models and influencers advocating for body diversity, Dziadul stands out for trying to loop men into the conversation. The Instagrammer created the account about a year and a half ago after […]

  • Celeb Style
    Plus-Size Model Jennie Runk’s Powerful Statement About Size Inclusivity

    Last night marked the premiere of the new EPIX documentary Straight/Curve, a film looking into the influencers working hard to redefine modern beauty standards and promote body diversity. The evolution and creation of inclusive mainstream beauty and body diversity is a topic firmly rooted in today’s zeitgeist; and it’s a conversation in which influencers like Jennie Runk are keen on […]