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    Why the federal 20-week abortion ban is up for a vote — again

    On Tuesday, the House of Representatives will vote on H.R. 36, the Pain Capable Child Protection Act. If the bill — which was passed by the House in 2015 but then failed to pass in the Senate — were to become a law, abortion would be banned under federal law in the U.S. after 20 […]

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    15 Pregnancy Apps That Answer All Your Questions

    If you’re pregnant, you probably have a lot of very specific questions on your mind. If only your doctor had a private line you could call 24/7, right? Well, this is where a pregnancy-tracking app or two can really come in handy. Between visits to your doctor (and/or therapist), it’s great to have another resource […]

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    Cookbook Features the Weirdest Pregnancy Cravings

    Pickles and Ice Cream:A Bizarre Pregnancy Cravings Cookbook is a new cookbook from artists Vicky Jacob-Ebbinghaus and Juarez Rodrigues about – wait for it – bizarre cravings women have had while pregnant! The married pair researched 50,000 reported pregnancy cravings from around the world and interviewed women with specific interests. Each of said cravings appears […]

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    Why I Hid My Second Pregnancy From the Internet

    About two months before our first baby died, I announced to the internet I was pregnant with her. I had no idea she’d die when I posted what I’ll reluctantly refer to as a “bumpie” on Facebook — meticulously art-directed in my living room; wearing a soft gray-and-white striped maternity shirt, my favorite; cradling a […]

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    Stunning pregnant model poses in incredible body paint for photo shoot

    Pregnancy photo shoots just got a major upgrade. A model who goes byMeccaThaModel on Instagram partnered with photographer Ricky Codio to shoot herself naked, pregnant, and covered in body paint, with a ponytail that goes down to her feet. You pretty much just have to see this gorgeousness for yourself. The tribal-inspired look was shot […]

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    I Gave Up Alcohol While Pregnant and Am Never Going Back

    Last Thursday, I went two two different bars after work. Sure, happy-hour bar hopping is nothing special – except that I happen to be six months pregnant. OK, don’t freak out. I didn’t get wasted. Instead I sipped on a rotation of fresh fruit juice and sparkling water while I caught up with friends. This […]

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    Having a Baby in Your 30s Might Mean You Live Longer

    Good news for women who are late to the parenting party, as a new study reveals that women who have babies in their 30s may actually live longer than their younger mom counterparts. The research by scientists at Portugal’s Coimbra University, published in the Journal of Public Health, compared the life expectancies of mothers in European countries […]

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    Can You Breastfeed and Drink Alcohol? It’s Complicated

    The parents of a 7-month-old baby were arrested in part because the mother was drinking beer while breastfeeding. On Friday, police were called to the Wild Beaver Saloon in Indianapolis, Ind., after a woman was spotted drinking beer while nursing her baby. According to a probable cause report sent to Yahoo Beauty from the Marion County […]