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    Shoes inspire hilarious, bored employee to imagine the lives of shoppers

    We’ve all seen something while shopping that made us think, “Who on earth would buy that?!” Well, one bored store employee is attempting to answer that very question about the shoes that surround him (or her). A user who goes by the name of Ghostify started an Imgur thread earlier this week titled “If the shoe […]

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    Labor Day 2017 Sales Are Already Up and Running

    While we’ve technically got until the solstice to call it “summer,” Labor Day weekend is widely observed as your last unofficial chance for getting in that picnic, barbecue, or beach trip before September really gets underway. But it’s also good for something else — namely, sweet deals. Pretty much every major retailer gets in on […]

  • Fashion
    Millennials are happy spending $3,146 on Gucci bags

    Fast fashion retailers like Primark and Zara have had a busy year “designing” inspired-by looks from fashion’s most popular luxury houses. The biggest copycat victim may be Gucci, whose accessories and clothing have been reborn in the form of$10 loafers and $24 sweaters. Despite the counterfeits and copycats (one fashion editor calls fake Gucci ‘Fucci’),millennials […]

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    Never Pay For Shipping Again With This Easy Tip

    There’s a universal quest no smart shopper would ever deny overlooking: And that’s how can one save more money? Whether it’s from a promo code, seasonal sale, or newsletter coupon, we’re all searching for a way to spend less whenever possible. And by the time you roll around to applying said discount, the last thing […]

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    Vain Millennial Men Still Need Mommy to Shop for Them, Says Survey

    As if the most disparaged generation on the internet needs another reason to be vilified, a recent poll conducted by a startup clothing brand has found that millennial men are pretty vain about their butts and apparently are still getting shopping help from their mothers. As part of its launch, Taylrd, a new e-commerce brand catering to […]

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    The Luxury Brands Shoppers Want Most Right Now

    Gucci has a 10 percent better sell-through rate than Céline on The Real Real. Luxury brands might not be so transparent when it comes to what is actually selling, but thanks to all the data coming out of the ever-burgeoning online resale market, shoppers today are able to learn what’s hot and what’s not. Today, […]

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    This Weekend’s Best Online Sales

    What to buy right now. The Racked office is currently split into two groups: people who think summer is over, and people who don’t. Regardless of which category they fall into, everyone can shop their hearts out with this weekend’s sales. Fall merchandise has fallen into the mix with brands like indie favorite Loup offering […]

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    Most Back-to-School Shoppers Prioritize These Essentials Over Supplies

    With the back-to-school season right around the corner, many families are preparing to shop for classroom essentials; however, it appears they may be spending less this year. According to a new survey from the cash-back website Ebates, parents plan to drop significantly less money during the back-to-school shopping season compared to 2016. The survey found […]

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    10 Ways You’re Shopping For Bathing Suits Wrong

    It’s that time again! Time to bust out the bikini from last year, find that one-piece you love so much, and maybe even add a new suit to your wardrobe. But swimsuit shopping can be such a pain and actually kind of stressful. It doesn’t have to be, though! Avoid the following swimsuit shopping mistakes […]