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    Can Your Eyes Get Sunburned From Staring at the Sun? Experts Weigh In

    Even if you’re slathering on your SPF, there might still be one area of your face you’re failing to protect: your eyes. Just ask actor Busy Philipps, who said she was recently diagnosed with photokeratitis (aka eye sunburn) due to exposure to bright light and the sun. “I spent last night at Cedars [Hospital] after […]

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    7 Sunscreens That Don’t Look Ashy on Dark Skin

    I was so used to hearing the saying “Black don’t crack” from elders in my family, that I grew up thinking my melanin-rich skin was pretty invincible. But I learned the hard way that Black can crack when I experienced peeling skin after lying out in the sun in Miami’s South Beach during a college spring break […]