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    Most melanomas come from brand-new moles

    You’re probably aware by now that you should have regular skin checks with your dermatologist to try to detect any abnormal-looking moles that could be a sign ofmelanoma, the most deadly form of skin cancer. And, given that you know your body best, you’re also probably aware that you should be checking your skin yourself on […]

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    You can improve your health in 2 weeks by cutting back on sugar

    You know sugar isn’t good for you, but it can be hard to break the habit. If you’re having trouble cutting back on the sweet stuff, this might provide a little extra motivation: New research found that people who reduced their sugar intake had better markers of health in just two weeks. For the scientific […]

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    A Popular Drink Can Help Sensitive Teeth and May Even Prevent Cavities

    If you usually wince when you sip a chilled drink or take that first bite of ice cream, chances are, you’ve got sensitive teeth. According to a report in the journal ACS Applied Materials & Interface, researchers in China may have discovered a better way to take the sting out of sensitive teeth using an extract from […]

  • Beauty
    The Weird Factor That’s Making You Gain Weight

    You know that sleep is important for your overall health, and you probably do what you can to make sure you’re getting enough on a regular basis. But life and late-night TV have a funny way of interfering with your ability to catch z’s. Now here’s extra motivation for hitting the hay early: It could […]

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    Did You Know That There Are 3 Main Types of Smiles?

    A smile is just a smile, right? Not so, according to researchers. Psychologists from the U.S. and the U.K.  have figured out how to identify different types of smiles to better understand the popular facial expression. After all, when the corners of our mouths are turned up it doesn’t necessarily mean we’re feeling gleeful. In the study, researchers […]

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    The Mediterranean Diet Might Be the Secret to Living Longer — and Better

    You’ve probably heard at some point that the Mediterranean diet is good for your overall health, and maybe you’ve tried to incorporate some elements of the plan into your meals as a result. Now, there’s more research that shows some additional perks to following this healthy eating plan: It can lower the risk of having memory […]

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    Eye Freckles Can Tell You Something Really Important About Your Sun Health

    Yes, freckles can pop up in other places besides your skin. According to research published in the journal Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science, scientists from Austria found that eye freckles — dark spots on the colored part of the eye (the iris) — are more frequently found in people with higher lifetime exposure to sunlight. They’re […]

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    Scientists Say There’s a Right Way to Kiss

    Turns out your kissing habits are predictable. According to a study published in the journal Scientific Reports, people are hard wired to turn their heads to the right when leaning in for a romantic kiss, and men are more likely than women to initiate the act. For the study, scientists asked 48 married couples in […]

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    Just Smelling Food Could Make You Gain Weight

    Well, here’s some crummy news: Researchers at UC-Berkeley say they’ve made a “really novel” discovery that smelling food before eating it could cause weight gain. In a Cell Metabolism article published last week, the team writes that the body’s sense of smell seems tied to its decision to store fat instead of burn it off. Their study was conducted on mice […]

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    Humans Can Live Forever — But Don’t Expect to Be 1,000-Years-Old

    No doubt, you’re aware that you’re not going to live forever. And while that realization isn’t exactly fun, the next-best solution is to live as long and healthy a life as humanly possible. With more stories of super-centenarians, i.e. people who live to or past their 110th birthday, in the news, it seems like your […]