• Fashion
    Everything You Need for a Perfectly Organized Wardrobe

    Before you stock up on the perfect velvet platforms, leather jackets, and fancy silk robes for fall, you might want to get a handle on the rest of your wardrobe. That doesn’t mean purging your clothes en masse — instead, give them room to breathe with pretty gold baskets, stackable drawers, and elegant racks. Because […]

  • Beauty
    12 Impressive-Looking Bags for Your Next Big Meeting

    Getting dressed for work shouldn’t be a bore. Welcome to Business Casual— here to make your weekdays easier. Some days, all you need for work is a roomy tote bag that can carry your gym clothes. Some days, you want a tiny shoulder style, something pretty that can take you from the office to dinner on […]

  • Fashion
    Yes, You Can Wear Wide-Leg Pants to Work

    Getting dressed for work shouldn’t be a bore. Welcome to Business Casual — here to make your weekdays easier. Buying work pants can be tough. Unless you work in a creative, casual environment, you can’t necessarily get away with the awkward style that’s been popular all summer. Even that closet staple, the cigarette trouser, can be […]

  • Health
    Men Who Eat More Vegetables Smell Sexier to Women

    Because science is always coming up with delightful studies, it has been found that women like the smell of men who eat more vegetables and fewer carbs. A recent study found that the body odor of men who ate a lot of fruits and vegetables smelled better to women. Whereas the body odor of men […]

  • Beauty
    The Best New Shampoo Is Made From Human Hair

    Keratin is an amplifying component of hair care: too little of the protein and your hair is extraordinarily weak and unmanageable; too much and your hair is alarmingly stiff and brittle. The perfect keratin algorithm dwells at a sweet spot that cosmetic companies have spent decades trying to hit. Virtue, a hairbcare line that employs […]

  • Celeb Style
    Cara Delevingne Demonstrates How to Wear a Homage Tee of Yourself

    Cara Delevingne’s birthday trip, which she hashtagged #Sexico, was naturally excessive. And the best part was the abundance of personalized merchandise. Guests wore bright-red tracksuits emblazoned with “Team Delevingne” while touring Mayan ruins and boarding private planes. It’s gesture weird and extravagant enough to be on-brand for the model. However, the best piece of Cara […]

  • Health
    Why I Hid My Second Pregnancy From the Internet

    About two months before our first baby died, I announced to the internet I was pregnant with her. I had no idea she’d die when I posted what I’ll reluctantly refer to as a “bumpie” on Facebook — meticulously art-directed in my living room; wearing a soft gray-and-white striped maternity shirt, my favorite; cradling a […]

  • Style
    Buy These 12 Rarely-on-Sale Beauty Products Now

    We keep saying that beauty products rarely go on sale — except for now. After last week’s very rewarding Nordstrom anniversary sale, this week’s best beauty sale comes from retailer Dermstore. In honor of their anniversary, a huge selection of brands and products are 25 percent off till August 12. See below for the best […]

  • Beauty
    I Found the Best Source for Cheap and Sexy Bathing Suits

    Some clothing is so wrong that it has to be right. In Why Do I Like This? we work through all the feelings that come with finding love in the least likely of places. I’ve been avoiding one-piece swimsuits for the past decade, ever since the summer I was a camp counselor and had to […]

  • Beauty
    Luxury Beauty Brands Might Soon Be Available on Amazon

    While some think of Amazon as the site that kills bookstores and others see it as the wonder emporium that has it all, it still has yet to corner the luxury beauty market. That’s where prestige beauty e-destination Violet Grey comes into play, according toWomen’s Wear Daily. The newspaper reports that Amazon may be partnering […]