• Style
    Teenager posed with favorite food for her cheesy senior photos

    Anna Priester is excited to start her last year of high school, and as is tradition, she posed for her senior portrait. However, the 17-year-old decided that her photos should be way cheesier than anyone else’s, and to make sure they would be, she brought out the cheese balls — literally. “A few years back, my sister took […]

  • Style
    Would you let an app determine your ‘perfect’ jeans?

    YouTube star Safiya Nygaard is testing yet another unique method of outfitting herself — except this time it involves technology rather than strangers. With the appLikeAGlove, Nygaard documented the process of finding the “perfect” pair of jeans, involving the use of smart leggings that measure a user’s shape at four points along the waist and hips. How the app […]

  • Fashion
    Newscasters All Over the Country Love This $20 Dress

    If it seems that you’re seeing newscasters across the country wearing the samedress, you’re not imagining things. On July 16, Frances Wang, an anchor with ABC10 in Sacramento, Calif., decided to have a little fun by tweeting out a chart — created by ABC10 production assistant Stephen Leonardi — showing women newscasters all over the country […]

  • Beauty
    Woman ‘Pierces’ Her Baby Daughter’s Cheek and Angers the Internet

    When Enedina Vance shared a Photoshopped picture of her 6-month-old daughter on Facebook sporting a dimple piercing, she didn’t think it would cause such controversy. Her post, however, has racked up nearly 12,000 shares and over 120 comments. Some of her friends and family have jumped onto the satirical train. But others are enraged, labeling her a […]