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    Wedding guests form perfect heart around couple in drone photo

    When you’re getting married, some friends prove to be valuable in ways you didn’t expect. Take Canadian couple Ashleigh Blinkhorn and Chris Bryan, for example, who got married last month on Blinkhorn’s family cattle farm near Peterborough, Ontario. Their childhood friend Mack Evenden happens to be a real estate photographer who has been working on […]

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    The Bride Wore 3 Amazing Dresses for the a Hindu Fusion Wedding

    3 dresses. 2 ceremonies. 1 perfect day. That was the formula for Jessica and Suchil’s Hindu fusion wedding set in Calistoga, California. And thanks to a top-notch crew of vendors, including IQ Videography, Bella Bridal Napa Valley, Found Vintage Rentals,La Tavola and Jenny Yoo the result was multicultural wedding perfection. A heartfelt thanks to IQ […]

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    Dinosaur-obsessed woman gets the bridal shower of her dreams

    Many of us went through a dinosaur-loving period in our childhood, easily encouraged when those seemingly mythical creatures are all over kids’ clothing, furniture, books, and toys. One bride-to-be in Washington, D.C., never outgrew that phase of her life, and though grown-up Jurassic decor doesn’t come standard from typical wedding vendors, she just had the […]

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    You Will Fall in Love With This Couple’s Total Solar Eclipse Engagement Session

    By now, there have been countless stories about science-adoring couples marrying during the Total Solar Eclipse on Monday, August 21, but The Knot can reveal how one to-be-wed pair opted for an eclipse engagement session during this week’s nationwide event. Future newlyweds Tyler Harris and Katie Matheny were first introduced to the creative concept by their […]

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    Woman unhappy with her ‘small’ $1,671 engagement ring gets slammed online

    Engagement rings, in general, are one of the most beloved pieces of jewelry many women own. However, one woman has expressed her quite opposite feelings for the sparkler her fiancé gave her. One newly engaged woman took to a forum site on Monday to complain that her husband-to-be didn’t spent enough money on her ring. “His salary […]

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    Woman is selling her engagement ring from ‘Satan incarnate’ on Craigslist after breakup

    A woman’s brutal and hilarious Facebook post hawking her engagement ring has people in stitches. The seller is parting ways with her “beautiful 14 Karat white gold diamond engagement ring” after finding out her fiancé, whom she describes as “Satan incarnate himself,” was cheating on her. The woman’s epic engagement ring ad citing her cheating fiancé. “This […]

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    17 Raw Stone Engagement Rings That Will Appeal To The Offbeat Bride

    These engagement rings made with raw stones are a bit rough around the edges ― in a good way! Raw or uncut stones aren’t cut into traditional, symmetrical shapes or polished like the ones you’re used to seeing in traditional engagement jewelry. Instead, they retain more of their natural shape and texture, creating a one-of-a-kind appearance. Below, you’ll […]

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    This Victoria’s Secret Model’s Wedding Dress Is Seriously Magical

    It’s not unusual for a modern-day bride to make a dress change between her wedding ceremony and the reception, but one Victoria’s Secret model just took that notion to the next—and perhaps most genius—level. Following her glamorous nuptials at the Duomo di Ravello in Italy’s Amalfi Coast, Vita Sidorkina’s wedding dress did something quite magical. […]