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    Bride Demands Friends Bid for a Spot In Her Bridal Party, Sister Retaliates

    Remember that time when a bride once offered one of her sisters $10,000 to be her maid of honor—so that their other sister couldn’t be it? Well, a new bridezilla story has gone viral on Reddit for the opposite reason. An unnamed bride was called out by her very own sister earlier this week after she allegedly […]

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    How to Survive Wedding Season When You’re Broke

    A weeklong series dedicated to skewering the traditions, expectations, and psychodrama that surround wedding season. In the summer of 2015, I went to seven weddings in five months, and I’ve never spent more money in such a short period of time. I started out with good intentions and naïve optimism: I was an adult with […]

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    This Is The Best Harry Potter Proposal Story, Possibly Ever

    Over the years, we’ve swooned over Harry Potter-themed weddings. People around the world have mastered a way to create the most magical celebrations by scouting out dreamy castles and making sure every wedding detail is perfect — we’re talkingMarauder’s map invites, dessert tables that would make the sweets cart lady blush, a wand tunnel, and […]

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    Sweet Husband Got His Wife’s Fingerprint Etched Onto His Wedding Band

    Men often get the short end of the stick as far as wedding rings go. So when someone thinks outside the box, we can’t help but hand it to them. Reddit user Im_High_Tech did just that by having his wife’s actual fingerprint etched onto his wedding band. In an accompanying thread, he revealed that he was inspired a […]